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Indoor Dual Converter

Dual Converter
Indoor (1RU) Dual Converter

Paradise Datacom's Dual Block Up/Down Converter is a self-contained (1RU) indoor chassis, which can be configured as a single thread system or as a 1:1 Redundant System.

Built upon Paradise Datacom’s popular and reliable zBUCs, the Indoor Dual BUC is an excellent, full featured system.

The Up Converter translates an L-Band frequency input signal between 950 to 2050 MHz (Dependant upon RF Band Selected) to a C-, X- or Ku-Band output frequency.

The Down Converter translates a C-, X- or Ku-Band input frequency to an L-Band frequency output signal between 950 to 2050 MHz (Dependant upon RF Band Selected)

System control is available through the rear panel parallel I/O remote, or serial I/O remote connectors, and may be accessed using the Paradise Datacom Universal Monitor and Control software.

uBUC, Micro Block Up Converter

Paradise Datacom’s µBUC is a Block Up Converter module designed specifically for highly mobile commercial and military applications. The µBUC is ideal for use in any Fly-away or Manpack application where miniature form factor and light weight are a requirement.

The converter is available in power levels of 10 or 20 Watts in X-Band or 10, 20 or 25 Watts in Ku-Band, and can automatically detect and phase lock to external reference frequencies of 5, 10 and 50 MHz.

vBUC with AC Power Supply

vBUCTM - available in Ka-Band

Paradise Datacom's next generation of VSAT Block Up Converters (vBUCTM) offer the same flexible monitor and control functionality as found in its SSPA product line. The vBUC is capable of using an external or optional internal reference signal to phase lock the local oscillator, and is available with a variety of input power options: via IFL, 24 or 48 VDC or via an optional AC Power Supply.

The vBUCTM is available with output power levels of 25W and 50W in C-Band; 10W, 25W, and 35W in X-Band; and 10W, 16W, and 25W in Ku-Band.

The vBUCTM can be configured in 1:1 and 1:2 redundant or dual 1:1 redundant configurations. The vBUCTM can also be used with the OFM-1000 Fiber Optic to L-Band converter for fiber IFL capability.

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